What is WMBGkind?

A community initiative in Williamsburg, James City County, and York County to affect meaningful change in our schools, local governments, businesses, and neighborhoods... through kindness. We highlight fantastic goodwill programs already taking place year-round and also highlight new inspired stories of giving back and paying it forward.

What is the goal of this initiative?

To become the next Community of Kindness!

Acknowledge initiatives and acts that are already being done in the community! Shine the spotlight on specific organizations as well as individuals who go out of their way to be intentional with their thoughts, words, and actions.

Connect people by sharing examples of kind acts and initiatives as they play out in real-time. How? Through the use of social media, especially #WMBGkind. We will also be working on a legacy art project with local artist Kelsey Johnson with the School of Art. This project coincide with our February 1st event with an interactive piece that all our stakeholders can take part in.

Promote Kindness Challenges and action days! Be on the lookout, both on our website and online, about specific events to bring together everyone in a unified attempt to bless others.

How do I get involved?

  • Participating is easy!

  • First step: like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Start sharing your acts of kindness through posts and #WMBGKind

  • Wear/display our #WMBGKind promotional materials in the community

  • Sign a proclamation to serve as a Community of Kindness in your own organization

  • Consider sponsoring a specific #WMBGkind effort or event

  • Attend either (or both!) our kickoff event in February& culminating event in May

How is this different than the United Way Kindness Campaign?

#WMBGKind is a way to promote and elevate what many of you are (hopefully) already doing on a daily basis. We want to promote all acts of kindness no matter what organization you serve. By working together, we hope to spread kindness across our region and maybe even throughout all of Hampton Roads.

What if I’m already doing things to spread kindness in my organization?

That’s fantastic! We’d love to help you share what you are doing. Use our hashtag #WMBGKind and be sure to tag us in your posts. Please stay tuned. You will also be able to submit your programs, activities, and initiatives on our website so that we can also promote your thoughtfulness.

How do I volunteer or give financially to this campaign?

Reach out to us by emailing There will be opportunities to give financially and to volunteer by donating your time.

Click below to download our WMBGkind Toolkit.


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